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2022/11/22 11:06

1、Natural compounds from Punica granatum peel as multiple stabilizers for polyethylene


2、Electro-Thermochromic Luminescent Fibers Controlled by Self-Crystallinity Phase Change for Advanced Smart Textiles


3、Carbon fiber/polyetherketoneketone composites. Part I: An ideal and uniform composition via solution‐based processing


4、Isolation and characterization of acid-soluble collagen and pepsin-soluble collagen from the skin of hybrid sturgeon


5、Physicochemical properties of soybean-based diacylglycerol before and after dry fractionation.


6、Water-in-oil emulsions enriched with alpha-linolenic acid in diacylglycerol form: Stability, formation mechanism and in vitro digestion analysis


7、Effects of treatment methods on the formation of resistant starch in purple sweet potato


8、High Lithium Ion Flux of Integrated Organic Electrode/Solid Polymer Electrolyte from In Situ Polymerization


9、Preheat Compression Molding for Polyetherketoneketone: Effect of Molecular Mobility


10、Characterization and experimental investigation of aluminum nitride-based composite phase change materials for battery thermal management


11、Experimental investigation of the flame retardant and form-stable composite phase change materials for a power battery thermal management system


12、Experimental investigation on immersion liquid cooled battery thermal management system with phase change epoxy sealant


13、Experimental Investigation on Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Battery Module with Paraffin/Expanded Graphite Composite Phase Change Material



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