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2022/11/21 11:37

1、Influence of the Annealing Process on Magnetic Performance of Iron based Soft Magnetic Composites


2、Thermal activation significantly improves the organic pollutant removal rate of low-grade manganese ore in a peroxymonosulfate system


3、Rheological and self-healing properties of asphalt binder containing microcapsules


4、Self-healing property and road performance of asphalt binder and asphalt mixture containing urea-formaldehyde microcapsule


5、Experimental study on salt–metal organic framework composites for water absorption


6、Microwave pretreatment enhanced the properties of ovalbumin-inulin-oil emulsion gels and improved the storage stability of pomegranate seed oil


7、Electro-Thermochromic Luminescent Fibers Controlled by Self-Crystallinity Phase Change for Advanced Smart Textiles



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