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2022/11/18 15:40

1、Hydrogel beads derived from chrome leather scraps for the preparation of lightweight gypsum


2、Size-controlled graphite nanoplatelets_ thermal conductivity enhancers for epoxy resin


3、Thermal, morphological, and mechanical characteristics of sustainable tannin bio-based foams reinforced with wood cellulosic fibers


4、Improved thermal conductivity of epoxy resin by graphene–nickel three-dimensional filler


5、A synergistic strategy for fabricating an ultralight and thermal insulating aramid nanofiber/polyimide aerogel


6、Fabrication of Graphene/TiO 2 /Paraffin Composite Phase Change Materials for Enhancement of Solar Energy Efficiency in Photocatalysis and Latent Heat Storage


7、Improved thermal conductivity of styrene acrylic resin with carbon nanotubes, graphene and boron nitride hybrid fillers


8、Preparation and characterization of paraffin/expanded graphite composite phase change materials with high thermal conductivity


9、Tailoring of bifunctional microencapsulated phase change materials with CdS/SiO2 double-layered shell for solar photocatalysis and solar thermal energy storage


10、Functional aerogels with sound absorption and thermal insulation derived from semi-liquefied waste bamboo and gelatin


11、Lamellar-structured phase change composites based on biomass-derived carbonaceous


sheets and sodium acetate trihydrate for high-efficient solar photothermal energy harvest


12、Construction of double cross-linking PEG/h-BN@GO polymeric energy-storage composites with high structural stability and excellent thermal performances


13、Gelatin as green adhesive for the preparation of a multifunctional biobased cryogel derived from bamboo industrial waste


14、A novel self-thermoregulatory electrode material based on phosphorene-decorated phase-change microcapsules for supercapacitors


15、Development of poly(ethylene glycol)/silica phase-change microcapsules with well-defined core-shell structure for reliable and durable heat energy storage


16、Experimental and numerical study on heat emission characteristics of ventilated air annular in tunneling roadway


17、Construction of polyaniline/carbon nanotubes-functionalized phase-change microcapsules for thermal management application of supercapacitors


18、Mechanical, thermal and acoustical characteristics of composite board kneaded by leather fiber and semi-liquefied bamboo


19、Tuning the oxidation degree of graphite toward highly thermally conductive graphite/epoxy composites


20、Thermal self-regulatory smart biosensor based on horseradish peroxidase-immobilized phase-change microcapsules for enhancing detection of hazardous substances


21、Morphology-controlled synthesis of microencapsulated phase change materials with TiO2 shell for thermal energy harvesting and temperature regulation


22、Size-tunable CaCO3@n-eicosane phase-change microcapsules for thermal energy storage


23、High-Efficiency Preparation of Reduced Graphene Oxide by a Two-Step Reduction Method and Its Synergistic Enhancement of Thermally Conductive and Anticorrosive Performance for Epoxy Coatings


24、Temperature and pH dual-stimuli-responsive phase-change microcapsules for multipurpose applications in smart drug delivery


25、Development of Renewable Biomass-Derived Carbonaceous Aerogel/Mannitol Phase-Change Composites for High Thermal-Energy-Release Efficiency and Shape Stabilization


26、Immobilization of laccase on phase-change microcapsules as self-thermoregulatory enzyme carrier for biocatalytic enhancement


27、Microencapsulating n-docosane phase change material into CaCO3/Fe3O4 composites for high-efficient utilization of solar photothermal energy


28、Integration of Magnetic Phase-Change Microcapsules with Black Phosphorus Nanosheets for Efficient Harvest of Solar Photothermal Energy


29、Surface construction of Ni(OH)2 nanoflowers on phase-change microcapsules for enhancement of heat transfer and thermal response


30、Design and fabrication of bifunctional microcapsules for solar thermal energy storage and solar photocatalysis by encapsulating paraffin phase change material into cuprous oxide


31、Design and construction of mesoporous silica/n-eicosane phase-change nanocomposites for supercooling depression and heat transfer enhancement


32、Development of reversible and durable thermochromic phase-change microcapsules for real-time indication of thermal energy storage and management


33、Nanoflaky nickel-hydroxide-decorated phase-change microcapsules as smart electrode materials with thermal self-regulation function for supercapacitor application


34、Biodegradable wood plastic composites with phase change microcapsules of honeycomb-BN-layer for photothermal energy conversion and storage


35、Hierarchical microencapsulation of phase change material with carbon-nanotubes/polydopamine/silica shell for synergistic enhancement of solar photothermal conversion and storage


36、Molecularly Imprinted Phase-Change Microcapsule System for Bifunctional Applications in Waste Heat Recovery and Targeted Pollutant Removal


37、Pomegranate-like phase-change microcapsules based on multichambered TiO2 shell engulfing multiple n-docosane cores for enhancing heat transfer and leakage prevention


38、Innovative Integration of Phase-Change Microcapsules with Metal–Organic Frameworks into an Intelligent Biosensing System for Enhancing Dopamine Detection


39、Morphology-controlled fabrication of magnetic phase-change microcapsules for synchronous efficient recovery of wastewater and waste heat


40、Polyimide/phosphorene hybrid aerogel-based composite phase change materials for high-efficient solar energy capture and photothermal conversion

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